Cameron’s CETES lands first tenants

The halls in Cameron University’s Center for Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies (CETES) are abuzz with life.

LYNAYS, LLC. and Oklahoma Computer, Software and Robotics (OCSR) are the first two tenants to enter CETES, which is designed to be a catalyst for the development and growth of technology-based industries in Southwest Oklahoma.

“We’re excited that LYNAYS and OCSR have chosen to enter CETES,” said CETES Executive Director Peter Abramo, Ph.D. “These companies exemplify the high tech, smart-economy companies we envisioned CETES would help nurture. The individuals starting these companies are well-versed in their respective fields but they desired assistance with the business end of starting a company. And we are going to help lead them down that path.”

CETES, which held its dedication June 30 on CU’s main campus in Lawton, is a state-of-the-art facility that will allow start-up businesses to draw upon the resources of CU to support fledgling industries, boosting their chances of success. At the same time, CETES will provide education and training opportunities for CU students to create a workforce capable of supporting these new businesses.

Both LYNAYS and OCSR moved in recently, filling two of the 12 open slots in the business incubator. The companies have begun work on their respective products.

OCSR’s first project will be the development of intelligent software that can ease a user’s interaction with databases for both companies and individuals, said John Hornbeck, who, along with Joe Diaz, co-founded the company. Diaz currently owns and operates AA Computer Services in Lawton and has more than 20 years experience in technology but had been hesitant to launch another company without more direction.

“John and I had been looking for the opportunity to be in an incubation program. We heard about one on the East Coast that was having great success,” Diaz said. “We’ve had this idea (for the software) and when CETES came along, I said, ‘Wow!’ We knew it was time to jump on this and really go for it.”

The pair already has hired two employees and hope to quickly expand into the robotics portion of their company plan.

“We hope to build a facility where we can hire college graduates looking for technologically-based jobs,” Hornbeck said. “CETES will help us accomplish that goal. It’s a great opportunity to work with those in economic development, and we hope to be responsible for bringing jobs to Southwest Oklahoma.”

Down the hall from OCSR is Emmanuel Yeo’s office and his start-up company, LYNAYS, LLC. Yeo said his company is designed to have a diversified product line which will alter “depending on the needs of society.” Yeo is currently developing a fitness device to add to the exercise process.

“You get on a treadmill and it’s very boring. My device will help add to the experience,” he said.

Yeo has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and is currently working on his master’s in business administration at Cameron. He came to Southwest Oklahoma from Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia after he met Cliff Wallraven, a Duncan entrepreneur. The pair met while Yeo worked in Oregon during the summer of 2003.

Yeo came to Duncan last summer to work for Wallraven, and that is when he first discovered CU and CETES.

“I had been looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity for some time,” Yeo said. “There was not an entrepreneurial studies program in Georgia. Then I came to Southwest Oklahoma and there was CETES and it was a great option.”

Yeo said CETES will be an invaluable tool in the success of his business.

“CETES offers access to resources I would not otherwise have had, such as expert advice from Dr. Abramo,” Yeo said. “I would have had to pay a lot for someone to offer the assistance that Dr. Abramo has given me. Also the facility provides me an environment to interact with other entrepreneurs. These are all assets you can’t put a price tag on. These are all things I can’t buy in a store.”

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